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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Graphic Artist v2

Well, the stake in the ground is only one of many pins I am coming to learn. Cover art and titles kind of need to happen together, so working with Cristina and Alex and Anna and Peggy, we narrowed the titles down significantly, and the cover art down as well. Sending the revised v2 back to Nick (the artist) today after Erik gets a quick look at things.

For prosperity and so I remember, the working title was always Samuel's Book, since in the early "fictionalized" form the main character was Samuel. Then, when I sent it to Nick for art, I settled on a title of A Father, A Son, and The Breath of God. I really like this title, but the consensus around me is that this title is way too religious - it will scare off lots of people who would enjoy the book but would avoid it if it sounds too "Christian" or "Religious".

Good input - so the narrowing and the plodding continues...